Joe McNamee

I am a food & travel writer/journalist and food and hospitality consultant living in Cork city with my lovely Missus and am proud father to three beautiful children, one all grown-up and the other two, still in starter-kit mode.

Food & Travel writer/journalist, Weekly Food Columnist, Food Feature Writer & a Restaurant Reviewer with The Irish ExaminerContributing Editor with the McKennas’ Irish Food Guide (formerly, the Bridgestone Guide), Contributing Editor with Taste of Ireland, Co-author of Clifford & Son (Liberties Press)

Formerly, Deputy Arts Editor of the Irish Examiner, I am now a food writer/restaurant reviewer with ‘De Paper’ and also write The Menu, a long-running weekly food column in the Saturday edition’s Irish Examiner Weekend Magazine. I  work as a Contributing Editor for The McKenna’s Irish Food Guide and Taste of Ireland, reviewing and writing about the Irish food and hospitality industry and writing about  food and travel in Ireland and abroad. I am the co-author of Clifford & Son (Liberties Press), authoring the extended essay on Michael Clifford, the renowned and highly influential Irish chef, now deceased. I ghost-wrote the cooking section of the book for Michael’s son, Peter Clifford.

Food Production & Hospitality Consultant, working with small, medium-sized and large Irish food production companies and restaurant and hospitality enterprises

I work as a consultant for the food production and hospitality industry, working with small, medium-sized and large enterprises advising on: Food Production, Food Product Development, Restaurant (Kitchen & Front-of-house), Food Retail Outlets. If you are interested in working with me, please email jozeemacIRL@gmail.com

I have almost a decade of experience as a chef in professional kitchens, in Ireland and Britain, including two years as head chef of the Quay Co-Op in the 1990s, when it operated a night time a la carte vegetarian restaurant.

I am a graduate of the Cork Institute of Technology BA in Culinary Arts programme, covering Advanced Culinary and Pastry Skills (to Michelin one star level) and other modules including New Food Product Development, Cost Management, Culinary Leadership & Training and Service Business Environment. I was awarded the Business & Humanities Faculty Award for Best Graduate Student (BA in Culinary Arts).



Swashbuachaillswash/-boo/-kill – to go on a skite, to enjoy an evening of carousing, to partake in copious amounts of food and drink in a celebratory fashion. Usage: ‘we went on a right royal swashbuachaill last night.’ Origin: possible Cork slang, most probably of spurious origin, picked up randomly on the internet and fancied the sound of it.



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4 comments on “About

  1. cheflincoln says:

    I love the term Swashbuachaill (practicing the spelling…)! Dashing, exotic and dangerous to know.

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  3. […] Wednesday March 8th 2017, Mum’s Dish will be MC’d by  Irish Food Writer, Joe McNamee  and includes a cooking demonstration by award-winning chef Bryan McCarthy of Greene’s along with […]

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