Published (Writing/Journalism)

While I’ve been writing professionally for over ten years, mainly for the Irish Examiner, just a fraction of my work is available online as the IE only recently began to make arts and features available on the internet. Here’s links to some of my stuff:


Myrtle Allen at 90, Ballymaloe House at 50 | Irish Examiner (publ. 01.03.14)

Know How to Find the Cheaper Cuts | Irish Examiner (publ. 05.09.13)

Sourcing meat to feed the family for less

A Wise Choice | Irish Examiner (publ. 14.01.12)

My review of Sage Restaurant, in Midleton, Co Cork

Making The Cut | Irish Examiner (publ. 30.04.11)

My day in a Michelin star restaurant, Dublin’s Chapter One

Cheers | Irish Examiner (publ. 02.06.11)

On the Irish Craft Brewing Industry

Limerick’s Gourmet Gamble | Irish Examiner (publ. 06.08.11)

Limerick’s rise as a food destination

Window into the Past| Irish Examiner (publ. 15.10.11)

A night spent in Sandbrook House, Co Carlow

In the Best Possible Taste| Irish Examiner (publ. 13.08.11)

Wine tourism in Rioja, Spain

France Falls for the Big Mac| Irish Examiner (publ. 17.07.10)

Review of Au Revoir to All That: The Rise and Fall of French Cuisine By Michael Steinberger

Cooking Dirty| Irish Examiner (publ. 06.03.10)

Review of Cooking Dirty: Life, Love and Death in the Kitchen By Jason Sheehan

Going off the Boil | Irish Examiner (publ. 23.10.10)

Review of Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

Having a Cut off Modern Meat | Irish Examiner (publ. 02.04.11)

Review of An Irish Butcher Shop by Pat Whelan


Between the lines | Irish Examiner (publ. 19.01.11)

Review of A Global Life By James D Wolfensohn


Long and Winding Road | Irish Examiner (publ. 09.06.12)

On Paul McCartney reaching the age of 70

Having a shot at adventure| Irish Examiner (publ. 14.05.11)

An adventure trip around Munster for the truly fainthearted

Clouds Have a Silver Lining | Irish Examiner (publ. 02.06.11)

On the first Irish Cloud Festival


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