Hayfield Manor Wine Society Inaugural Meeting

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hayfield Manor. When my mother worked in UCC, just around the corner, it was her number one choice for entertaining all and sundry. Even in retirement, she’s only looking for an excuse to round up a bevy of daughters and daughters-in-law to head off there for afternoon tea. I’ve even squeezed in a little discreet socialising myself there over the years.Continue reading “Hayfield Manor Wine Society Inaugural Meeting”

At Long, Bl**dy Last!

Nearly two years ago, Mrs Swashbuachaill (who lectures in journalism) told me I HAD to start a blog, that it was an absolutely vital part of any continuing future I might have as a writer, paid or otherwise. 14 months ago, I asked my kayaking instructor and one of my foremost food-heroes,  Natural Navigator Sally McKenna, for advice. She re-emphasised the point – I HAD to start a blog. So, I registered this blog.

And then I waited a while. Then I tarried. Followed by a spot of time-biding, my own time, at that, and very precious time it is too. Then I settled in for some good old-fashioned hanging around and putting it on the longest finger I could find. I even contemplated constructing a super-long finger but never actually got around to it. (Me, procrastinate? Why would I procrastinate when I can put off procrastination until another day?) Well, at long last, here’s my first post – nothing to report other than the staggering achievement that is me finally posting. Hope it’ll prove to have a little staying power!

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