The Menu in a Time of Crisis (guidelines for submission)

(I went looking for a pic that encapsulated ‘Irish food’ and found it hard to go beyond this shot I took of gorgeous harvest vegetables, as grown by the very splendid Bradley Putze, of Lisheen Greens, in West Cork, and cooked by my great old comrade, Waterford Chef Michael Quinn, for last year’s outing of Sing for Your Supper, an annual Taste of West Cork event I host along with some very special friends, musician Maurice Seezer and Joe O’Leary and Caroline O’Donnell, proprietors of my most favourite pub in the world, Levi’s Corner Bar, in Ballydehob, where the event takes place. SFYS is just one of the many splendid ways of celebrating Irish food with family and great friends that I am so looking forward to once more in the future and I am currently gagging for a pint in Levi’s!)

For the duration of the coronavirus crisis, I am turning my weekly Irish Examiner food column into a class of community bulletin board posting information of any alternative initiatives being undertaken by any in the Irish hospitality sector (restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, food trucks, takeaways, etc) to continue to trade. I will also be featuring independent Irish food producers and growers, along with any small or mid-size independent food retailers. I am especially keen to feature any food-related community, social and charitable initiatives or to give a shout out if anyone is looking for help with same.

Take good care, each and everyone of you, let us hope that somehow we can avoid the full extent of the horrors currently ongoing in poor Italy and that we will someday soon gather once more around the table to raise a glass and toast, Sláinte Beatha! x

The Menu’s guidelines for submission

If you wish to be included can you please submit your information as follows by email only as I am currently receiving so many requests, I need to keep them all easily accessible in one area only.

Email to

Clearly list in plain text in the body of the email (not attachments or flyers) so that I can easily cut and paste the following information

What type of business it is and what you are selling/activity you are engaged in, just in case I am not familiar with it (although as my mighty waistband will confirm, I have eaten pretty much all the good food in Ireland!)

How you have changed or adapted it to suit the current circumstances

How can people get in touch to order (highly advisable to include an online link as I have no space to write out addresses)

How can the customer collect or do you offer delivery

Please, please, please try as much as possible to have a link to your own website or other online space detailing all the above as I have a limited amount of space to work with

Also, please feel free to include a professional photo, print resolution only, which may be used in the Irish Examiner print edition

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