A Christmas Present

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As always, the end of year is truly heralded for The Swashbuachaill with a great, great feast on Christmas Day, a glorious over-indulgence in the finest of food and wines and there is invariably a large mob of family and friends at the table to do battle with The Swashbuachaill’s culinary strivings.

This year, though, was different. As always, Dear Old Sainted Mother Swashbuachaill was there but her usual chauffeur and one of the finest eaters this world has ever known, my youngest brother, Kevin, was not.

Kevin took his own life less than two months ago and was buried on Halloween  and the weeks since have been very hard to weather. But on Christmas morning, dozing on while the youngest Swashbuachaills made merry under the tree, I dreamt of him for the first time since his death. He (as always!) was eating, sitting opposite my (also departed) father (another great man for the nosebag) and gave me a little wink and a grin.

It was the best present I received all Christmas and though I felt unbearably sad when I woke, I also felt as if he were beside me for the day as I commenced cooking up a feast for the smaller than usual but perfectly formed gathering we had assembled, throwing a little extra in each dish for Kevin.

He was a wonderful, talented and beautiful brother, son and friend and for anyone interested in knowing more about him, I have provided a link to the eulogy read at his funeral and a small little homemade video of him performing one of his own songs.

Happy New Year to you all and remember to always treasure the ones you love. X The Swashbuachaill

Kevin McNamee – Eulogy


A link to Communication – Kevin McNamee

One thought on “A Christmas Present

  1. Hello ! Can you please contact me at joytyler@outlook.com? Kevin and I were together while he lived in San Francisco and 8 know your sister Trez and when Luke when he was a very young boy. I wish love to speak with you privately. Been looking for someone in the family for many years.

    Thank you!!

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