Christmas at Douglas Farmer’s Mkt

After a week of nocturnal childherding a sickening Daddy’s Little Girl, I handed her over to Mrs Swashbuachaill at 8 of the A.M. and repaired to the boudoir for a couple of hours shuteye. Which meant I reached Douglas Farmer’s Mkt, where the bulk of my weekly shopping is done, well after 12pm to a market that closes at 2pm on the last weekend before Christmas. Bedlam in the shopping centre and car park around the market but, within, a little haven for me to practice coffee drinking and yapping on an industrial scale. There are a lot more fabulous stalls than those featured but I had to do a little shopping as well including securing the bones of my Christmas Dinner so more pics will have to follow at a later date. There’s one more market on next Saturday, Christmas Eve, and many of the same stallholders are also in Mahon Mkt on Thursdays. Bear with me on the technical front – it’s the first time I’ve tried to do any class of moving image thingamajig. Anyhoo, click back and have a look and do, please, let me know what you think including advice on how to make it better! Happy Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas at Douglas Farmer’s Mkt

  1. Great short movie Mr Swashbuachaill with beautifully chosen music. Well done.

    Now get blogging again in 2012 – we miss you!

    1. My latest post is for you, John 😉 Very sorry I never got to see you at all over Xmas but hopefully it will serve as some sort of explanation. Now, back to working on some sort of sun-rain student exchange programme between us and yersels out along in Johnny Hotland!

  2. My late grandma used to have a store senllig cloth too, in the nownewly renovated Chinatown complex. Before she moved to the Complex, she had a stall at the food street. I used to help her during my free time (after school) man her store while she went for her lunch breaks, and got 20 cents in return for looking after the stall for her. Learnt a few tips on bargaining, and of course, how to cut a few metres’ cloth without going zig-zag.;-)

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