At Long, Bl**dy Last!

Nearly two years ago, Mrs Swashbuachaill (who lectures in journalism) told me I HAD to start a blog, that it was an absolutely vital part of any continuing future I might have as a writer, paid or otherwise. 14 months ago, I asked my kayaking instructor and one of my foremost food-heroes,  Natural Navigator Sally McKenna, for advice. She re-emphasised the point – I HAD to start a blog. So, I registered this blog.

And then I waited a while. Then I tarried. Followed by a spot of time-biding, my own time, at that, and very precious time it is too. Then I settled in for some good old-fashioned hanging around and putting it on the longest finger I could find. I even contemplated constructing a super-long finger but never actually got around to it. (Me, procrastinate? Why would I procrastinate when I can put off procrastination until another day?) Well, at long last, here’s my first post – nothing to report other than the staggering achievement that is me finally posting. Hope it’ll prove to have a little staying power!

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